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Hostel is located 2.5 km from Chopin Airport, near supermarkets and Mc Donalds

Free parking

Free parking for 2 cars and also it is possibile to park your car next to the hostel

Reception desk 24h

Our reception desk works 24 hours .  We can accept  late check-in and also early check out

Roof terrace

Roof terrace – a great place to relax in the summer


Available household appliances, in the price we include: tea, mineral water


Living room with large TV, computers, a place for reading, board games

Our hostel

Our hostel is located 2.5 km from Chopin Airport at ul. Lechicka 23 (Warsaw Włochy). In front of the hostel there is a grocery store and within 5 minutes walk you will reach the МсDonalds, supermarkets: Lidl and Biedronka.

We have free private parking for 2 cars, and also it is possibile to park your car next to the hostel.

Have a pleasant time on a picturesque terrace located on the rooftop. Ideal for relaxing with a cold drink on a warm day and enjoying the peaceful view from the balcony.


To check availibility and reserve please fill up application.

We will contact you shortly.

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GreenWood hostel

Lechicka str. 23, Warsaw
+48 - 536-555-655

GreenWood hostel

Zakroczymska str. 13, Warsaw
+48 - 570-88-33-88